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Employee Milestone Recognition 2016

Gonnella would like to recognize the following employees on their milestone anniversaries.  We are so proud of each of you and thank you all for your many years of dedicated service!


Start Date Name Position
04/19/1976 Hector M. Rodriguez Baker




Start Date Name Position
01/22/1981 Giovanni Casciola Route Sales Representative
03/30/1981 Michael Laskero Route Sales Representative
04/19/1981 Michael Pendzinski Shipper
06/15/1981 Richard D. Lucchesi Sales Manager
07/27/1981 Patricia Flannigan Administration
08/24/1981 Richard C. Drag Maintenance Manager
09/11/1981 Michael Doyle Route Sales Representative
11/03/1981 Robert Infusino Shipper




Start Date Name Position
09/02/1986 David R. Beckner Sales
10/06/1986 Philip Krajewski Transport
11/03/1986 Bogdan Szajna Route Sales Representative
11/17/1986 Christine A. Nitti Sales




Start Date Name Position
01/07/1991 Anthony P. Patti Accounting
02/18/1991 Roy A. Zoller Sales




Start Date Name Position
07/08/1996 Molly T. McGarry Sales Manager
07/15/1996 Kenneth Giordano Route Sales Representative
07/25/1996 Gaetano Verzillo Sanitation Specialist
10/21/1996 Roy E. Duerig Sales
10/28/1996 Michael V. Blazejewski Transport



Start Date Name Position
01/15/2001 Michael Lucchesi Plant Operations Manager
05/08/2001 Oscar M. Soto Packer
05/25/2001 Jeffrey Smith Shipping
06/20/2001 Jorge A. Manzanares Sanitation Specialist
07/02/2001 Jesus R. Ortega Sanitation Specialist
07/23/2001 Gabriel Flores Packer
10/15/2001 Thierry Saglier Quality Control
12/17/2001 Jose L. Manzanarez Baker




Start Date Name Position
01/30/2006 Angel Ramirez Baker
03/13/2006 Adam M. Beuscher Packer
03/16/2006 Michael Sverida Maintenance
04/05/2006 Carlos Sol Baker
04/10/2006 Jose A. Hernandez Packer
04/16/2006 Jose Zavala Shippers
04/27/2006 Edgar J. Navarro Sanitation Specialist
05/15/2006 Bruce D. Birky Systems Administrator
06/05/2006 Adolfo Henao Packer
06/06/2006 Luis G. Flores Packer
06/19/2006 Efren Ortega Packer
08/13/2006 Marc A. Cole Transport
09/25/2006 George F. Dietz Asst. Maintenance Manager
10/02/2006 Menrado D. Aguada, Jr. Quality Control