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Employee Milestone Recognition 2017

Gonnella would like to recognize the following employees on their milestone anniversaries.  We are so proud of each of you and thank you all for your many years of dedicated service!


Start Date Name Position
08/14/1982 Giancarlo Casciola Transport




Start Date Name Position
10/19/1987 Michael Sible Baker
11/30/1987 Daniel Herzog VP Corporate Compliance




Start Date Name Position
06/08/1992 Robert Marcucci Plant Manager
06/08/1992 Anthony Mazukelli Sales Manager
12/07/1992 Robert A. Gonnella Corporate Officer




Start Date Name Position
03/24/1997 David Archer Route Sales
04/14/1997 Sergey Buzin Shipper
06/16/1997 Ronald Mazukelli Corporate Product Design
08/17/1997 Carlos Ramos Shipper
09/15/1997 Steven Hanrahan Plant Operations
11/17/1997 Teodoro Aquin Sales
12/30/1997 Jose Callan Baker



Start Date Name Position
02/14/2002 Luis Pulido Maintenance
03/04/2002 James Connell Route Sales Representative
03/13/2002 Chester McDaniel Shipper
04/04/2002 Carlos Delgadillo Sanitation Specialist
05/06/2002 Darcy Hanstad Sales
06/10/2002 Larry Willett Shipper
09/09/2002 Dale Faith Shipper
10/14/2002 Debra Hernandez Shipper
11/12/2002 Ruben Hernandez Packer
11/21/2002 Monica Arroyo Order Department
11/21/2002 Juan Arroyo Packer




Start Date Name Position
01/08/2007 Jeffrey Askin Sales
01/17/2007 Gabriel Hernandez Baker
01/23/2007 Daniel Garcia Shipper
02/08/2007 Antonio Cazares Sanitation Specialist
02/19/2007 Michael Konaszewski Baker
02/27/2007 Charles Bragiel Baker
03/12/2007 Jacqueline Box Sales
04/02/2007 Steven Gaal Baker
04/23/2007 Robert Krauch Baker
04/30/2007 Ellan Celino Baker
06/11/2007 Duy Nguyen Maintenance
07/28/2007 Francisco Salgado Quality Control
08/20/2007 Anthony Catron Maintenance
09/10/2007 Elizabeth Marion Shipper
09/17/2007 Ann Catrone Baker
10/01/2007 Joseph Paulewicz III Baker
10/08/2007 Robert Prussock Baker
10/08/2007 Juan Lopez-Grez Shipper
10/15/2007 Andres Espinal Shipper
11/05/2007 Raymond Myroup Sales
11/08/2007 Maria Carvajal Quality Control