Gonnella’s Commitment to the Environment

Gonnella Baking Company is committed to contributing to a safer, cleaner world for all of us. A vital part of our continuous improvement Photo_for_Gonnella_enviromentb_statement_wheat-field-approach involves looking for ways to further address and reduce our impact on the environment. We regularly examine our purchasing techniques, production methods, company wide infrastructure and processes to look for ways to fulfill this commitment. These reviews include:

  • Ingredient sourcing, utilization and recycling.
  • Methods to reduce water usage
  • Packaging material reduction
  • Renewable electric power sourcing and power consumption efficiencies
  • Opportunities for solid waste stream inflow reduction
  • Third party audits to discover opportunities for process improvements

Some of our successes in recent years included:

  • We have received EPAct Certification. 
  • A portion of the electric power we consume is sustainable. 
  • We have undergone Process Optimization Audits that focus on energy usage, water utilization as well as reducing the waste stream directed towards landfills.
  • We have conducted a thorough examination of all packaging materials used to ensure maximum use of recycled and recyclable materials in all of our manufacturing processes. We require all bulk materials delivered to our GFP LLC premises to be in reusable containers.
  • We regularly schedule manufacturing during off peak hours to reduce our impact on the energy grid.
  • All in-plant lighting systems have been reviewed to reduce their energy consumption.
  • We have recently begun installing drinking fountains throughout our company with special water bottle filling heads. These devises are already saving over 4500 disposable water bottles per month from entering the solid waste stream.