French Style Bread Crumbs

In olden days when the Head Chef in a Paris Restaurant required Bread Crumbs for a recipe he needed only to reach into his own bread bin. There he would find crispy crusted Baguettes left over from the previous day. He would place those loaves on his wooded chopping block and pulverize them with a meat tenderizing mallet. The result was a true and simple and plain bread crumb. No added sugars and ready to perform in his recipes consistently every time. Since he knew well where the bread came from he had confidence in its cooking properties.

Gonnella utilizes the same simple idea. Our bread crumbs are made from our fine Gonnella French and Italian Breads only. We are not a commercial bakery product recycler which is to say we do not purchase any outside products for our bread crumbs Gonnella French Style bread crumbs contain only Gonnella Hearth baked breads. Simply the Best!