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Fresh Baked Bread Without Baking


Chicago, IL - Gonnella Baking Company's Thaw 'N Sell product line gives retailers an easy, freshly baked option for their consumers.

Skilled Gonnella bakers use centuries old methods to create rustic breads and rolls which are ready to sell when thawed. Gonnella Thaw 'n Sell breads and rolls have been hand crafted, scored and fully baked in an European hearth oven, eliminating use of labor and equipment for our customers. Thaw 'N Sell products require no panning, proofing or baking, so they're  already ready  to display and sell.

"The Thaw 'N Sell program was created out of market-demand for retailers who wanted more flexibility," said Tom Marcucci, Vice President of Marketing. The program is designed for retailers who do not have a bakery or chains that do not have bakeries in every store. Even if a store has a bakery, Thaw 'N Sell helps retailers rotate stock, offer a wider variety and keep up with demand on busy days. "This program helps Gonnella expand its distribution to new areas such as convenient stores, club stores and grocery stores." said Marcucci.

Gonnella's existing frozen dough products and Thaw 'N Sell breads and rolls are available nationwide through Gonnella Frozen Products. Gonnella understands the value of convenience in the baking industry. All Thaw 'n Sell breads and rolls can be combined with your Gonnella Frozen Dough Orders.

Founded in 1886 and celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2011, the Gonnella Baking Company produces over three million pounds of product weekly at three Chicago area facilities in addition to its newest plant in Hazle Township, Pennsylvania. As a high quality supplier for the in-store bakery and food service industries, Gonnella offers several product lines within the fresh baked, baked frozen and frozen dough categories. For more information contact Tom Marcucci, Vice President, 1117 E. Wiley Rd. Schaumburg, Illinois 60173. Telephone (312) 733-2020, Web site:  .

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