Gonnella takes great pride in providing retail partners with a variety of fresh and delicious breads and rolls. We use only the finest ingredients, innovative development and baking techniques to create products unrivaled in quality and consistency. The Gonnella team is dedicated to ensuring your retail operation benefits from the addition of high quality baked breads. Your total satisfaction and that of your customers is our highest priority. Contact Gonnella today to enhance your retail operation. Offer Gonnella to your customers today—they will thank you.



As you are committed to providing customers with the best possible variety of quality items, Gonnella has maintained its commitment to offering the freshest breads... Read More.


In-Store Bakeries

Consumers visit your in-store bakery to find the freshest breads and baked products for their homes. They want quality and variety, and you want to provide them with it... Read More.



We boast over a century of experience serving both free standing and in-store delicatessens... Read More.


Convenience Stores

Gonnella is the leading innovator of bakery products for the C-Store marketplace. We supply fresh and delicious buns, rolls and breads for your hotcase... Read More.