In-Store Bakeries

IN_STORE_B5shutterstock_140142724Consumers visit your in-store bakery to find the freshest breads and baked products for their homes. They want quality and variety, and you want to provide them with it. Gonnella has over 125 years experience in baking innovation resulting in an unrivaled depth and breadth of superior quality products.

The retail location offering Gonnella breads and rolls quickly earns a reputation for offering its customers fresh products made from only superior ingredients. A partnership with Gonnella, augmenting the selection of products offered at your in-store bakery, will elevate the shopping experience of your customers to a whole new level.

Our commitment to customer service ensures that from initial stocking to sales, and beyond, Gonnella is there to see that all your questions are answered and all your needs are met. Centrally located bakeries and distribution centers ensure fast and efficient delivery to points throughout the continental United States.

Review the spectrum of Gonnella products available to add to your in-store bakery, and contact us to get started. We will exceed your expectations and your customers will thank you.