Gonnella Celebrates Another Milestone: The Employee Milestone Recognition


Over 130 years, Gonnella has been making a difference not only in the business community, but also in the lives of its many employees who have found success at Gonnella throughout the years. It is an honor for Gonnella to share their family values and history with all of its employees as they have been part of the many struggles and successes of the company over the years.

Gonnella celebrates various company milestones from new operational breakthroughs to record-breaking sales. Every year, Gonnella celebrates a very special one—the anniversaries of their long-time employees from their 10th year anniversary and beyond. As a company that employs over 600 people including 34 family members as part of the workforce, Gonnella is proud and grateful, at the same time, for their commitment and dedication.  We are pleased to share such a glorious moment with 45 employees who are celebrating their anniversaries this year.

Gonnella’s long history of baking breads is not just about a story of the Gonnella family, but also a story of the people who have devoted much of their professional careers in helping the family to shape the company to what it is today. With this, Gonnella extends its appreciation and warmest congratulations to the 45 employees and wishes them for more years of service to come!

Visit our Employee Milestone Recognition page for a complete listing of the employees and their anniversary dates.