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Employee Milestone Recognition 2019

Gonnella would like to recognize the following employees on their milestone anniversaries.  We are so proud of each of you and thank you all for your many years of dedicated service!


Start Date Name Position
06/24/1974 Thomas Marcucci Director



Start Date Name Position
02/26/1979 Michael Randazzo Route Sales Representative
11/05/1979 James Byerly Plant Management


Start Date Name Position
07/09/1984 Elizabeth Marcucci Corporate Safety Director
10/20/1984 William Mazzuca Plant Management



Start Date Name Position
01/31/1989 Kent Beernink VP Manufacturing GFP
03/09/1989 Manuel Hurtado Packer
05/11/1989 Julio Devora Packer
05/11/1989 Juan Gonzalez Baker
07/19/1989 John Lee Baker
08/11/1989 Arthur Martin Route Sales Representative
10/05/1989 Joseph Lauricella Shipping
10/30/1989 Nancy V. Kriescher Accounting
11/14/1989 Daryll Phillips Plant Management
12/13/1989 Lauretta Marcucci Sales



Start Date Name Position
04/04/1994 Juan Carrillo Route Sales Representative
05/02/1994 Phillip Balistrieri Sales



Start Date Name Position
03/08/1999 Steven Barry Sales
03/15/1999 Kenyon Boyce Route Sales Representative
05/09/1999 Javier Rodriguez Shipping
05/21/1999 Daniel Guerrero Baker
06/02/1999 Miguel Trejo Plant Management
06/16/1999 Rodrigo Hurtado Jr Packer
08/25/1999 Daniel Garcia Sanitor
10/25/1999 William Head Sales
11/09/1999 Marcello Gonzalez Sanitor



Start Date Name Position
02/09/2004 Carlos Herrera Maintenance
02/16/2004 Agustin Gonzalez Jr Sanitor
06/14/2004 Charles Tolentino Packer
07/24/2004 Salvatore Giorgianni Route Sales Representative



Start Date Name Position
01/26/2009 Nathan Blacquiere Sales
01/26/2009 Marissa Mazukelli Sales
02/25/2009 Theodore Gogliotti Route Sales Representative
03/09/2009 Donald Polak Maintenance Management
03/16/2009 Joel Rio Plant Management
03/30/2009 Aaron Sulkko Accounting
04/27/2009 Michael Brunk Maintenance
05/26/2009 Daniel Pop Maintenance Management
05/26/2009 David Screenock Shipping
06/02/2009 Kelly Stravinsky Shipping
06/15/2009 Willy Gomez Packer
07/13/2009 Enrico Cosenza Sales
07/20/2009 Jenna Baus Quality Control
07/20/2009 Mark Schmidt Director Human Resources
08/10/2009 David Ide Plant Management
10/12/2009 Marie Marcucci Sales
10/29/2009 Pilar Dillon-Buldak Shipping
10/29/2009 Tommie Townsend Shipping
11/30/2009 Brett Klein IT
12/15/2009 John Nettleton Sales
12/21/2009 Jeffrey Hirko Baker
12/28/2009 Joseph Meskunas Shipping
12/29/2009 Michael Harris Shipping
12/30/2009 Gabriel Ayala Sanitor