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Employee Milestone Recognition

Gonnella would like to recognize the following employees on their milestone anniversaries.  We are so proud of each of you and thank you all for your many years of dedicated service!


Start Date Name Position
11/05/1979 James R. Byerly Production Scheduler


Start Date Name Position
07/09/1984 Elizabeth A. Marcucci Corp Dir - Safety
10/20/1984 William A. Mazzuca Transportation, Storage, Distribution Manager


Start Date Name Position
03/09/1989 Manuel Murtado Group Lead
05/11/1989 Juan M. Gonzales Baker
05/11/1989 Julio A. Devora Shipping
10/05/1989 Joseph Lauricella Dock
10/30/1989 Nancy V. Kriescher Payroll Administrator
11/14/1989 Darryl Phillips Assistant Operations Manager


Start Date Name Position
03/08/1999 Steven D. Barry Sales Manager
06/02/1999 Miguel A. Trejo Sanitation Manager
06/16/1999 Rodrigo Hurtaldo, Jr. Group Lead
08/25/1999 Daniel Garcia Assistant Sanitation Manager
10/25/1999 William R. Head Sales Rep


Start Date Name Position
02/09/2004 Carlos H. Herrera Maintenance Mechanic
02/16/2004 Agustin Gonzalez, Jr. Sanitor
06/14/2004 Charles R. Tolentino Shipping/Packing


Start Date Name Position
01/12/2009 Eric S. Weigand Maintenance Mechanic
01/26/2009 Marissa Mazukelli Retail Sales Manager
03/16/2009 Joel R. Rio Shipping Manager
03/30/2009 Aaron Sulkko Accounting Manager
04/27/2009 Michael E. Brunk Maintenance Mechanic
05/26/2009 Daniel Pop Assistant Maintenance Manager
05/26/2009 David J. Screenock Group Lead
06/02/2009 Kelly A. Stravinsky Packer
07/13/2009 Enrico Cosenza Bakery Sales Tech
07/20/2009 Jenna Baus Quality Compliance Manager
10/12/2009 Marie E. Marcucci Food Service Sales Manager
11/30/2009 Brett I. Klein Technology & Applications Specialist
12/21/2009 Jeffrey G. Hirko Group Lead
12/30/2009 Gabriel Ayalal Assistant Sanitation Manager


Start Date Name Position
01/06/2014 Loriann H. Hughey Bakery Sales Tech
01/07/2014 Gina M. Christophe Critical Systems Analyst
01/09/2014 Robert Pasquesi Logistics Manager
02/17/2014 Leonard R. Turzankski Assistant Maintenance Manager
03/18/2014 Manuel M. Garcia Baker
04/08/2014 John B. Valovich Sanitor
04/14/2014 Garrett A. Roman Maintenance Mechanic
04/21/2014 Philip M. Karnes II Quality Tech
05/27/2014 Emanuel Maldonado Baker
05/28/2014 Antonio Merino Baker
06/23/2014 Rene O. Alvarez Bakery Sales Tech
07/29/2014 Jeffery M. Wolford Group Lead
09/14/2014 Juan Perez Baker
11/17/2014 Kelly A. Braithwaite Purchaser
12/09/2014 Jocelyn Chanona Packer


Start Date Name Position
01/07/2019 Frances Decker Human Resources Generalist
01/07/2019 Julio A. Fernandez Tejeda Packer
1/16/2019 Steven J. Shoemaker, Jr. Maintenance Mechanic
02/04/2019 Julio Fajardo Sanitor
05/13/2019 Ronald J. Daugherty Maintenance Mechanic
05/28/2019 Gabriel L. Valentin Maintenance Mechanic
05/28/2019 Maria T. Gaytan Assistant Quality Manager
06/10/2019 Brian K. McFarland Plant Manager - PA
06/17/2019 Malinda Felde Customer Service Clerk 2
07/01/2019 Jesus Velazquez Sanitation Manager
07/22/2019 Sarah L. Babb Vice President of Product Development
08/16/2019 Cosme Rodriguez Baker
08/26/2019 Maria Elba C. Pimentel De Marte Group Lead
10/14/2019 Kevin J. Pilska Operations Manager - PA