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Employee Milestone Recognition 2023

Gonnella would like to recognize the following employees on their milestone anniversaries.  We are so proud of each of you and thank you all for your many years of dedicated service!


Start Date Name Position
05/16/1983 Marguerite McDonnell Vice President - Marketing


Start Date Name Position
05/08/1988 Eustorgio A. Baca Baker
08/09/1988 Roberto V. Soto Shipper/Packer
09/06/1988 Arthur A. Boudreau Operations Manager


Start Date Name Position
06/01/1993 David M. Gonnella Vice President - Sales
11/15/1993 Brian K. Huntowski Dock
12/20/1993 Nicholas Braithwaite Plant Manager


Start Date Name Position
03/23/1998 Denise Garlington Group Lead
06/15/1998 Omar Nunez Maintenance Mechanic
07/12/1998 Rafael Mendez Dock
10/11/1998 Roberto Espinoza Shipper/Packer


Start Date Name Position
01/28/2003 Rodrigo Gomez Baker
04/14/2003 Jose G Rodrigue Cepeda Baker
05/12/2003 Eric E. Celino Assistant Operations Manager
07/13/2003 Alberto Rodriguez Baker
07/21/2003 Antonio G. Ganzon Quality Baker
08/21/2003 Gumercindo Garcia Pkg Machine Operator
09/16/2003 Milton Harris Sales Representative
09/28/2003 James Hunsaker Shipper/Packer



Start Date Name Position
01/21/2008 Robert Snyder Sanitor
03/25/2008 David P. Mcpherson Assistant Maintenance Manager
04/07/2008 Joseph Medvitz Maintenance Manager
04/28/2008 Frank Risko Jr Safety Manager
05/19/2008 Scott H. Spangenburg Quality Manager
09/02/2008 Pamela J. Bonner Quality Technician
11/17/2008 Daniel R. Lucchesi Sales Manager



Start Date Name Position
01/31/2013 Elston M. Farran Assistant Maintenance Manager
02/06/2013 Marco Antonio Mares Group Lead
04/21/2013 Jose B. Alvarez Shipper/Packer
04/22/2013 Sergio Esparza Pkg Machine Operator
04/22/2013 Maria M. Gabriel Pkg Machine Operator
04/22/2013 John Jasinski Assistant Maintenance Manager
05/08/2013 Esther Martinez Shipper/Packer
05/20/2013 Ashley L. Scott Sales Manager
06/24/2013 Eric J. Miller Regional Manager
07/07/2013 Juan R. Rosales Assistant Maintenance Manager
07/29/2013 Philip W. Eby Account Manager
08/11/2013 Diogina Elias Pkg Machine Operator
08/14/2013 Octavian N. Fratila Packer
09/08/2013 Matthew Ryan Castellanos Shipper/Packer
09/08/2013 Angela Sanchez Shipper/Packer
09/15/2013 Emilia Mendez Shipper/Packer
11/25/2013 Jose L. Duarte Sanitor



Start Date Name Position
6/11/2018 Raymond Torres Sanitor
03/19/2018 Jonathan Rivera Baker
05/21/2018 Heiyi Dominguez DeEspinal Baker
05/21/2018 Damaso Sierra Baker
07/09/2018 Yrinia R. Fernandez Canela Baker
08/07/2018 Alejandro Angel Baker
10/01/2018 Joan R. Stanford Accounts Payable Specialist
12/10/2018 Jesus G. Garcia Assistant Maintenance Manager