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Food Manufacturers

Semi8Behind some of the largest food manufacturers in the world, you will find the support and expertise of Gonnella providing bakery products that perform on their high speed lines, capable of moving through the manufacturing process without delay.

Gonnella bakery products are formulated to your process specifications and handle the rigors of the freeze thaw process, refrigeration, microwaving—whichever is required—without breaking down. Topped with sauces, proteins, cheeses and spices, Gonnella delivers a finished good with superior taste and functionality, complimenting your chosen application.

Partners benefit from the depth and breadth of industry experience gained over more than 100 years to create product lines their customers will love. The highly-knowledgeable Gonnella R&D team is available to develop a custom product that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them. Gonnella aims to deliver only the finest products.

Contact Gonnella today and gain a valuable partner on your next project! We’ll put our expertise to work for you because we know our success is gained only after your success is achieved.


Contract Baking

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Private Label Products

Your label and your brand are very important, and the product inside that packaging must live up to the standards and expectations set by both yourself as well as your customers... Read More.