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Gideon Akande and Gonnella Teamed Up For The Third Time Around

Gonnella 3rd Annual Fitness Day


The Chicago Golden Gloves Champion and 2015 Men’s Health Next Top Trainer, Gideon Akande, was back for the launch of the 3rd Annual Gonnella Fitness Day Program on September 2017.   

The Gonnella family and employees have grown to love Gideon’s energetic moves and charismatic approach in teaching the importance of fitness and practical workout techniques for a healthy work-life.  The Fitness Day is a major component of the Health & Wellness Program of Gonnella, which is a holistic and extensive program to achieve a balanced, healthy workplace.  For the 3rd time around, Gideon has gotten the Gonnella team all fired up with his new exercise techniques and physical challenges.  He made sure to keep everybody engaged and pumped up by tailor-fitting his exercises for each of the three Gonnella facilities—Schaumburg, Aurora and Hazletownship, Pennsylvania. Gideon spent an entire day at each facility so all employees of Gonnella had the opportunity to join his workout routine no matter the shift they were on.  

Gideon’s routine was simple, yet strategic and thoughtful. He moved with a purpose in mind.  He started off the sessions with a quick team huddle to promote camaraderie and trust.  He then showed stretching techniques and talked about how important it is to do so before doing any rigorous physical activities especially at work to prevent injuries. He showed them techniques that are easy to do, but could strengthen core muscles. At the heart of his routine was a series of 30-second workouts from squats, ladder drills, medicine ball slams, planks, resistance bands, and battle rope exercises.  Everybody who joined in got the chance to do all of these exercises. As a last challenge, Gideon conducted a push-ups contest for both men and women. The winners received an Apple Fitbit watch as their prize.            

As Gonnella employees huffed and puffed during this 1-hour routine, the vibe was light, nonchalant and exhilarating—all at the same time! With Gideon’s encouragement and drive, employees—young and old, men and women of all shapes and sizes—came together and bonded.  His words of inspiration and exercise techniques are priceless and something that the Gonnella employees can use for the rest of their lives.

Get a peek of Gonnella’s Fitness Day Program 2017—watch this video!