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Gonnella Rolls Out Bread Crumb Line Made With Unbleached Flour


Schaumburg, Ill.— Gonnella Baking Co. has announced that as of November 2017, its bread crumb products will be made with unbleached flour. This shift to wheat flour reflects Gonnella’s ongoing efforts to improve product formulations to meet the demands and preferences of today’s consumers.

According to Tom Marcucci, Gonnella’s vice president of sales and marketing, unbleached wheat flour is a less processed alternative to the bleached version used in baking. Unbleached flour has aged naturally, without the use of bleaching agents. Since no additives have been incorporated to help achieve the bright white color generally associated with flour, it tends to have a more natural color. However, using unbleached wheat flour does not alter a product’s flavor or quality.

Updating the formulation for the bread crumbs is Gonnella’s most recent shift to using unbleached flour. In 2014, the company began using unbleached flour in all of its frozen dough items.

“As consumers have become more educated about what they are consuming and how food is made, they have demanded cleaner label options,” said Marcucci. “Being able to produce a product with the same great taste Gonnella is known for—only with the simplest of ingredients—gives us the opportunity to serve the needs of these discerning consumers.”

Gonnella offers two types of bread crumbs: Classic French style and Italian Seasoned.

The Italian Seasoned breadcrumbs are made from Gonnella’s legendary Italian Bread recipe, baked fresh—now with unbleached flour—then seasoned with authentic herbs, spices and a hint of Romano cheese for old-world flavor.

Classic French style bread crumbs are made from Gonnella’s French Bread recipe with a time-honored tradition that uses only the finest ingredients—now beginning with unbleached flour.

Using premier ingredients and innovative techniques has been the hallmark of Gonnella throughout the bakery’s more than 125-year history. The current trend toward more natural processes and wholesome ingredients complements the company’s high quality baking standards.

Gonnella produces more than four million pounds of product weekly in three modern facilities. Its Aurora and Schaumburg, Illinois plants along with its facility in Hazle Township, Pennsylvania have been recognized by BRC Global Standards and AIB International for quality in food safety.

The company provides consumer products to retailers including grocers, in-store bakeries, delis, and convenience stores. The company also supplies bakery items for the food service industry including restaurants, QSRs, healthcare and educational facilities, and concessions.

In addition to being a coast-to-coast provider of frozen dough, par-baked products and fully baked frozen items, Gonnella delivers fresh bread daily to retailers and restaurants from throughout Chicagoland and Indianapolis. The company also provides contract baking, private label products and custom baking solutions. 

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